Workshops & Demos

2019 Workshops

The April Collage Workshop
Expressing Yourself in Watercolor Collage
April 5, 6 and 7 in the Studio in Pioneer.  9 to 4 daily

As artists we usually look at a scene and try to paint what we see, not how we feel about it.
This workshop is about breaking away from the norm. Explore different ways to approach texture, color and
composition to make a statement about how you feel about what you see. Maybe it’s a change of color scheme,
or perhaps the addition of some unusual textures, portraying the scene from a different angle or changing it
from a realistic scene in into a more abstract one to focus on some particular emotion or message you want to
share with the viewer. Experiment with different approaches and find new ways to stretch your imagination.
The effort can result in a very personal
and exciting image.


March 14, 2019
Sun City Roseville Fine Arts
7050 Del Webb Boulevard in the F Arts Room
Demonstration begins at 2 PM
For further information 916-773-6512